Back to Normal Life …

… i.e., corrections. Hooray, hooray!

But what was really cool: this evening I watched TV. I actually watched TV this evening!!! Do you know how long it is that I last watched TV in the evening? I also watched the first part of Pirates of the Carribean — wow! Nice film! Who would have thought it? (And I wasn’t even freaked out by the living skeletons, even though the living skeletons / zombies in Dark Project freaked me out to no end. Just hearing that sound — wooha, whooha — gave me the creeps! *shuddershudder*)

At the same time I’m trying not to get too depressed about my manuscript nor about Castle — as far as reviews go, I was spoilt rotten with The Lily Brand; this time, the reviews are more mixed. Or at least the reviews I’ve seen so far — the include the whole range from 5 stars to “I hated it”. Which can be a bit depressing. Especially when one is already depressed about the ms one has just handed in. And in order to increase depression even more, one can always start to worry about one’s regular job, about the past and the future, one’s weight, hair, pick one — and if it should so happen that in such a situation one has run out of chocolate, cookies AND gummibears, well, it’s not nice, I tell ya! (Midnight blubberings, here we come!) (Sheesh, I really need to stock up the chocolate!!!)