Back Home

As you can see, I survived the giant cockroaches and the truly crappy Lufthansa-food (it was worse than uni-cafeteria food — much worse!!!) and am happily back home again, where the jet lag has hit me. So, once again, I feel as if something dropped onto my head (what’s new?). I’m currently taking a break from unpacking my suitcase (isn’t unpacking one’s suitcase terribly boring?). If I’m not mistaken, I’ve managed to drag even more books home with me than in 2005 (54). Will take picture later.

I’m going to post some of my conference adventures later this week. For now, here’s a pic of me and the Whine Sisters (aka Kathleen Givens, Julia London & Sherri Browning), schmoozing before I had to head off to the Dorchester dinner. (Note: I shamelessly stole the pic from the Whine Sisters’ blog — as Kathleen found out on Saturday, I can be terribly sneaky if the situation warrants it *g*)