Back Among the Living :O)

I just spent two days talking about vampires, werewolves, demons and other things that go bump in the dark, or rather, in paranormal romance. For this was the topic of this year’s Booklovers’ Conference. It was a lot of fun, but at times a lot of hard work, too, especially the big panel discussion at the end of the conference: not only did I moderate it, but also translated questions and answers back and forth. And THAT was much more difficult than I had thought! But as you can see I survived it, and everybody else survived it, too (at least I didn’t find any corpses lying under the table) (okay, so I didn’t look either….) The authors that took part in the discussion were Joy Fraser (a friend and fellow German author whose debut novel SCHIMMER DER VERGANGENHEIT was published last autumn), Kathleen Givens (and that was particular pleasure for me because her KILGANNON was the second romance novel I ever read as a romance novel), and Sherrilyn Kenyon (not just one of the queens of paranormal romance, but also proud owner of a cute bat handbag).

I was not on TV after all because the “Brisant” team simply never showed up. I was interviewed by the people from the “Hessenjournal”, but didn’t appear in the finished report. Which wasn’t so bad since they focussed on the Mr. Cover contest — which was not really such a success…. (apparently there were only three contestants). And, quite predictably, the intro to the TV report was somebody reading a love scene out of context.

Yeah. Exactly.

More soon, now off to feed the cats!

(’cause of the BLC the next podcast episode is going to be a bit late)

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