Horrible things happened to the layout of my blog, and I don’t know how to fix it. *sniff*

I’m also starting to wonder whether I speak Chinese in the classroom without noticing … Or perhaps Betelgeusian?

7 thoughts on “Argh!

  1. Sandy

    The whole sidebar (is that what you call it?) has somehow slid down to the bottom of the page. I think it happened when I posted the Buried Treasure thingy. Not that I actually did something to the stupid layout. It did things to itself.

  2. Baffled Sandy

    Okay, why is my blog displayed just fine when I log in at uni, but not when I log in at home???? Oh, the mysteries of ‘puters!

  3. supporthotline RUSA

    I was wondering too, cos for me it looks just as ever, no matter where I log in.
    You probably changed some browser settings at home without noticing. What browser are you using? (Hope it’s not IE 😉 )

  4. Sandy

    Hi Tom! *waving* So lovely to have you here.

    I’ve decided to ignore the stupid things my stupid ‘puter is doing — and perhaps it’ll get over its tantrum, soon. 🙂

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