Any volunteers?

Would anybody like to finish my preps for tomorrow’s lesson on “The Knight’s Tale” & “The Miller’s Tale” from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales for me? It’s got knights and swords and fights and love and lots of naughty bits, too! Quite cool, in fact. But it’s just too hot here to work. Besides, I’ve been bitten by the conference bug and now feel rather jumpy. A friend of mine bought tickets for the Georgia Aquarium, which is apparently the biggest aquarium in the world, and we will be going there in a week’s time. Exciting, isn’t it?

Oh, and btw, if you can’t come to Atlanta this year, but still would like to experience some of the exciting even if only via armchair-travel, you’ll be interested to hear that a new blog went up with summaries of National-related posts in blogosphere: Blogging National

2 thoughts on “Any volunteers?

  1. Kate

    I feel your pain! It’s been almost as hot here. That being said, I did get 1,000 words of my dissertation written today.

    Can’t finish your preps, I’m afraid. But if you ever want someone to edit anything for ya, though, I’m here for ya (and I took a year of Chaucer at uni as well…).

  2. Sandy

    You’re the sweetest, Kate! Thanks so much for the offer. I’ll just write down a few notes and then start palavering at the workshop and hope I’ll get to show them the transparencies before the overhead projector explodes … *ggg*

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