Another Golden Oldie

Well, it’s not that much of an oldie: Susan Sizemore’s WINGS OF THE STORM was first published in 1992, and it’s another one of these novels I found in the UBSs of Galway. 🙂 It’s also one of the best time travels I’ve ever read. From the backcover blurb:

When an experiment gone wrong landed Dr. Jane Florian in the Middle Ages, she vowed to make the best of things. And if that meant posing as Lady Jehane from the Holy Land, cleaning the castle from tower to dungeon, ousting the hounds from the banquet hall, and giving the mistress of the castle a makeover, then she would do it. Unfortunately, she hadn’t counted on her reaction to her new neighbour — the magnetic Sir Daffyd.

What I usually find rather annoying about time travel romances is that the people who travel back in time, adapt SOOOOO easily to the situation, have absolutely NO problem with the language and, in some cases are even blissfully happy to have their happily ever after in, say, the 14th century. Argh! Diana Gabaldon’s Claire at least travels only back into the 18th century and is a doctor, but 14th century? Come on, people, who among us would want to live in the 14th century for real, for good, for happily ever after??? That’s the point at which suspension of disbelief definitely fails for me! BUT in Susan Sizemore’s novel, Jane Florian is a historian, has studied the languages of medieval France and has spent years playacting a role in the Medievalist Society: “She had a role she slipped into when the club did living history demos.” See? Sizemore’s Jane stumbles into the past well-equipped!

In addition WINGS OF THE STORM features a truly delicious hero. One of my favourite hero-heroine interactions is from a morning-after scene:

Jane lay on her side, tracing her finger down Daffyd’s strongly beaked nose. He lay on his back, eyes half-closed, a contented smile tugging up his lips.
“You look like you need a dish of cream,” she told him. “Big old tomcat.”
“That’s me,” he agreed, and propped his hands behind his head. “What are you doing with my nose?”

Isn’t that sweet? :O)

Now do tell: Have you got any favourites among the oldies of romance?

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  1. Carrie22

    One of my favorites is Rexanne Becnel’s “Dangerous to love”. I think it was first published in 1997, so it is not really that old.

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