Another Approach to Transforming into the Horror-Schwab


is a Giant Squid that will turn back into a Human in the morning, has an Extra Head, carries a Flamethrower, and is Covered with a Thick Slime and Blind.

Strength: 6 Agility: 1 Intelligence: 11

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Sandy, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Sandy using

6 thoughts on “Another Approach to Transforming into the Horror-Schwab

  1. Kate

    Bwahahaha… oh, your intelligence outstrips mine… shoot.

    Hey, if you have time, can you pop over to the polls board at LOL and take a look at the question I posted there? I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about it.


  2. Carolyn

    Carolyn is a Giant Robot that spits Ice, and has Black-and-White Stripes.
    Strength: 7
    Agility: 3
    Intelligence: 8

    Cold Attack!

    I won even though I was dumber.


  3. Richard slimy plant

    richard is a Collosal Man-Eating Plant that swallows Aeroplanes Whole, and breathes Ice Vapour.

    When attacking:-
    Strength: 11
    Agility: 2
    Intelligence: 4

    Cold Attack!

    Hey I may not be smart, but how stupid do you have to be, to write in your name into a box an push a button!
    And police: I just had a tasty piece of chocolate, no need to eat areaplanes.

    You are turning into a geek Sandy!

  4. Sandy, on her way to geekdom

    Ha! If only I weren’t a stupid squid …. Well, not stupid-stupid exactly, but, I mean, a squid?!? And a weresquid on top of that! (For some reason I don’t think that weresquids will become all that popular as romance heroes any time soon.)

    Richard — I KNOW. And now I even find myself endlessly fascinated by editing audio files. And mixing audio tracks. And adding effects to audio tracks.

  5. Richard

    Hey, you are even online right now, how geeky is that. Haven’t been chatting with you for a long time (hint hint)

    But editing audio stuff is cool indeed. I finally got my firewire interface hooked up right. Sat here for month without getting the right attention, but now it works. Wooohooo!

  6. aeroplane-eater

    Ok, I blast this topic, but:

    Try fighting against “Idiot”! It’s the same description you have, but he is smarter than you.
    Now how DUMB is that?!?!?!

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