And another one (especially for Carolyn :O) )

Am currently engaged in heroic battle with chocolate-cranberry-muffins. I suspect I used too many cranberries.


(Stay tuned for further adventures with the chocolate-cranberry-muffins: Will they be done anytime soon? Will they be edible? Will Sandra’s colleagues survive them??? *waving towards Mainz*)

2 thoughts on “And another one (especially for Carolyn :O) )

  1. Carolyn

    Thank you, Sandy. That helps a lot. Sorry the muffins didn’t turn out. I think you must be an optimist, though. It’s a good quality to have.

  2. Sandy

    I think you must be an optimist, though.

    Which just proves how utterly deceptive appearances can be. *g* You’re talking to the woman who spent most of January wallowing in misery and depression.

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