Among the things I hate most …

… is waiting. Waiting sucks. At the moment I’m waiting to hear from either my agent or my editor to hear

A) whether they survived reading the erstwhile Dratted WIP (my editor went on vacation last week; he probably found the reading experience so ghastly, he urgently needed some rest afterwards)


B) whether they like it. Or whether they at least think it would be possible to transform it into something they could like.


But I’m not twiddling my thumbs, no-no, I’m preparing a Christmas surprise for my readers. :O) So do you know any bookshop near you which carried (or still carries — let’s be optimistic) THE LILY BRAND and would like to receive some promo material? Then drop me a wee mail and let me know!

Oh yes, and of course, the semester at uni has started again. So it’s back to teaching for me (5000 years of British history in 9 lessons. Hooray!) (At least I don’t have to take that end-of-term exam — hehe)

Hugs and smooches to all the faithful readers of my lovely pink blog! *mmmwah*

12 thoughts on “Among the things I hate most …

  1. Sandy

    GOT AN E-MAIL!!!!!


    Crap, that was just the notification that somebody (i.e. me) posted a comment on my blog.

    Have I already mentioned that I hate waiting?

  2. Sandy

    Still no e-mail. And now it’s past 5 o’clock in New York, so no more chance to get one today…. *sniff*

  3. Dorie

    I hope you hear something soon Sandy! I know the waiting must be very hard, I would be biting my nails the whole time. But I’m sure you will hear from them and that they will have good news for you!


  4. Sandy

    I definitely hope so, Dorie! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    Still haven’t got any e-mail from NY (okay, so it’s not yet 9:30 a.m. there …) and whenever a new mail comes up in my mailbox, my heart nearly stops. I bet when said e-mail from NY finally arrives, it’ll take an hour before I find the courage to read it. *sigh*

    My characters continue doing strange things, but I was already told I’ve written the hero and his friends beautifully. Hooray to that! :O)

  5. Carolyn


    Apparently you are unaware that authors and editors exist in parallel universes in which time flows at very different speeds. In the editorial space-time continuum, editors reply to every proposal within minutes of receipt and with lots of happy smilies all over the place. But the route to the author, takes years.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Carolyn *waving* As long as there are lots of happy smiles and smilies all over the place at the end of the day, I’m perfectly happy to wait the six weeks. *g*

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