Almost there!

Can you imagine it? After years of labour, months of tears and sweat (okay, not that much sweat), the baggy monster is about to keel over, kick the bucket and fall down dead as a doornail. And then I will be released from the chains that have bound me to my computer. The prospect is slightly overwhelming.

I won’t know what to do with myself when I’ve finally handed in the dratted diss!!!

Well, that’s a lie. I *do* know what I’ll do with myself. First thing: bake egg liqueur cake before the eggs in my fridge go off. BEsides, it’s been ages since I’ve had egg liqueur cake, and you know how much I love it.

Next thing: sew! I’ve promised a tea cosy to one of my friends (well, three of my friends, really) and I also want to try my hand at quilting. This looks like a nice, easy, but utterly adorable project. And I want to sew a doll, too! One of these – aren’t they darlings? Look, there’s even a Flickr pool for pictures of dolls made from this pattern. 🙂

But for now — let’s kill the dragons dead!

One thought on “Almost there!

  1. Carolin

    The quilt is soo cute and it really doesn’t seem to be too difficult. I remember we did some sewing in school and I wasn’t that bad. But I didn’t get along with my Mum’s sewing machine and so I never tried it again.
    Some months ago I bought a sewing pattern for a Regency gown. I’m really considering a sewing workshop.
    The dolls are adorable. My aunt made me a doll 20 years ago. I would never be able to give her away.

    Viel Glück auf den letzten Metern!

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