A Voice from the Past

On 20 May 2000 I posted my first real excerpt — a love scene (sort of) from HIGHLAND LOVE, my first novel in English — on the LOL Literary Forum (actually that was also one of the first scenes of that book I had written). And the first person to answer* was Lynda with: “Oof! Now there’s a love scene with a twist at the end there. Please come in . . .” At the time, Lynda was writing a wonderful fantasy novel called BETWEEN THE PAGES, the story of young Sierra Weiss, who happens to tumble into a parallel world via a special book. I simply loved it!

Unfortunately, I lost contact with Linda when she moved to Japan three years ago, so imagine my delight when I found an e-mail from her in my mailbox this morning! And guess what! Her first book will be coming out this fall! Unfortunately it’s not BETWEEN THE PAGES (I never got to read the end of that story *grumble-mumble*), but I’m sure this new story is just as fine. NOW AND ZEN is YA fiction and has got the most gorgeous cover:

From the publisher’s website : “Nori Tanaka is thrilled to be studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan, but it isn’t exactly what she had imagined. She expected tranquil gardens and swoopy-roofed houses, not concrete and neon. But after exploring more of the country, Nori knows she gas a good chance of finding the hidden Japanese spirit and Zen mind-set within herself. ” Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? So I hope you’ll all rush to the bookstores at the beginning of September and grab a copy!

* Funnily enough I’ve just discovered that May 2000 saw not only my debut on the Lit Forum, but also that of another young lady, who called herself “Ceit Mc” on the LOL boards. This was the beginning of her reply to my infamous love scene on 21 May 2000: “Hi! I’ve never posted here before, but figured this would be a good place to start. . . .” Hey, Kate, that was you! :O)

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  1. Kate

    And yet I’ve not managed to write anything but academic papers since… *sigh*

    I can’t believe it’s been that long, though. Holy crap. Where’s the time gone?!?!

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