A trip to the British Museum

Remember Amy & Fox? I’ve finally returned with them to the British Museum and finished their tour of the marvels to be found there. Oooh, and what a finish it was!

His smile widened and seemed to fill her whole line of vision. She felt his free hand snake around her waist and then he drew her against his body, their joint hands clasped to his heart. “My dear Miss Bourne …” And dipped his head until his mouth touched hers, his lips moved over hers, sweetly, gently, then powerful and demanding as the joy of it all caught up with them. Amy flung her arm around hsi neck to hold him to her and never ever let go.


Oh, and to make me even happier, I’ve got two amazon packages today. TWO! Yeah! Filled with the DVD of Christie’s MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES, with Dorothy Gilman’s MRS POLLIFAX AND THE HONGKONG BUDDHA & MRS POLLIFAX AND THE LION KILLER, as well as withPatricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer’s SORCERY AND CECELIA, OR THE ENCHANTED CHOCOLATE POT. The latest installment of Wrede and Stevermer’s series has just been reviewed in the LoveLetter and I found the review intriguing enough to buy the first book, a mysteric with magical elements, all set in Regency England and told in letters! Very intriguing indeed, don’t you think so, too?