A to Z of Favourite Heroes

(uberfavourite heroes’ names are bold)

A — Adron (Sherrilyn Kenyon, “Fire and Ice” in Man of My Dreams
B — Bernard MacCullough (Teresa Medeiros, The Bride and the Beast)
C — Carrot (Pratchett, Discworld novels: you just gotta love a guy who arrests a dragon!)
D — “Dove”, Robert Sinclair Dovenby (Julia Ross, The Wicked Lover)
E —
F — Francis Crawford of Lymond (Dunnett)
G — Ganth Doranth (Janet Miller, “The Girl in the Box” in Dream Quest)
H —
I —
J — Jamie Fraser (Gabaldon)
K — Kevin Tucker (Phillips, This Heart of Mine)
L — Lucien Knight (Foley, Lord of Fire) & Lestat de Lioncourt (Anne Rice, vampire books)
M —
N —
O —
P — Paris Mulholland (Margaret Moore, The Wastrel)
Q —
R — Raine (Penelope Williamson, Keeper of the Heart)
S — Seth O’Connor (Janelle Denison, Bride Included)
T — Troy, of course *g* (okay, okay, his real name is Murgatroyd, but sometimes partial amnesia isn’t a bad thing!) (unless it involves a secret baby! *ggg*)
U —
V — Vanyel Ashkevron (Mercedes Lackey, Last Herald Mage trilogy)
W — Ward Hunter (Penny Jordan, Lover by Deception)
X —
Y —
Z —

2 thoughts on “A to Z of Favourite Heroes

  1. Carrie22

    Hi Sandy!
    I love Lucien Knight and Raine from Keeper of the Heart too!
    And Troy of course! 😉

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