A Taste of Britain, or A Walk Down the Memory Lane

At age 11 I fell in love with Britain. I partly blame Rosemary Sutcliff for this; I adored her historcial novels for children and YA, most of which (or perhaps even all of her novels!) are set in Britain. So when I first went to Britain for a stay with my penfriend, I might have been terribly homesick, but I also fell in love with the country. And whenever I visit the country now, it feels like coming home. Naturally, I also love (nearly) all things British.

Like Cadbury chocolate (except for Turkish Delight!!!).

I love eating Cadbury Creameggs, though I don’t quite like the taste and feel sick after a quarter of the egg. But, you know, this wonderful, gooey eating experience — hmmmm. (Besides, there are also Cadbury Chocolate Creameggs, though they are rarer than the regular creameggs — don’t ask me why!)

I love Yorkshire Pudding (but unperfumed!).

I love Twinings.

I love Chicken Tika Masala (Tesco’s got a wonderful microwave version.) (Well, Tesco’s microwave meals in general are rather good; I should know: they were all I ate during my last few weeks in Galway …)

I love British biscuits.

AND Cadbury minirolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So imagine my joy today when I found this itty-bitty shop in Frankfurt which sells All Things British. Like Cadbury chocolate, various variations of Twinings, British biscuits, Chicken Tika Masala sauce, etc.: A Taste of Britain. (They’ve got an online shop, too.)

Among the things I bought is Twinings’ Fruit Bliss Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower, which I drank all the time during my 8 months in Ireland. Therefore, when I sniffed at the box, it smelt like Ireland. :O)

4 thoughts on “A Taste of Britain, or A Walk Down the Memory Lane

  1. Anonymous

    Okay, you make me want to leave the States and fly over there right now just to have all that yummy stuff. Oh, wait a minute… I think I’ll stay on the sofa, happily indulging in my Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream. And maybe afterwards some Hershey’s Cookies and Cream ; ).

  2. Kate


    I know there’s going to be some British stuff I miss when I go home, too – but I already know where the Scottish and British imports shops are in Edmonton!

  3. Sandy

    Julia, if I’m not mistaken you’ve also got Fish Food icecream and Entemann’s cakes (ooooooh, Entemann’s cakes!!!! In Ireland you could get these at Tesco’s. Usually for a “Buy one get one free” offer.) (No wonder I gained so much weight during these 8 months! *ggg*)

    Kate, aren’t import shops the neatest things? 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, there is Fish Food…and Karamel Sutra…and Strawberry Whirl…and Cinnamon Rolls with Pecan Nuts…: )

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