A Glimpse of the Villa under the Linden Trees

I’ll soon update the BETRAYAL pages of my website, but for now, here’s a glimpse at the real Villa under the Linden Trees. That it appears in my novella is an anachronism, btw: it was built between 1902 and 1904 for Herbert von Meister, the son of one of the founders of the chemical factory Meister Lucius & BrĂ¼ning, which later became the Hoechst AG. From the very beginning the factory owners took an interest in the welfare of their workers and very soon established a social security system in their factory, had new houses built for the workers, and did a lot of good in the surrounding towns, e.g. helped with the establishment of churches or the founding of new schools. For its centennary, Hoechst had a concert hall built, in which I saw Baryshnikov dance in 1993! :O)

For the first four years of my life my family lived in the town where the real Villa under the Linden Trees stands, and I remember a big summer picnic in the park of the villa and how eerie the old doll house full of cobwebs seemed to me. For some reason I still feel drawn to the old villa, therefore BETRAYAL, in a way, is partly an hommage to the Villa unter den Linden or Meistervilla.

The Coachman’s House

The villa as seen from the banks of the river Main