A Day for …. Marking Papers *sigh*

Today I’m good and continue marking my students’ research papers. Just another 200 pages or so. Written in Times New Roman. Splendid. I dearly love researching and teaching, but correcting exams or papers I don’t like at all. Especially when there are so many of them!

But in between papers, I’m sneaking in some time with Amy and Sebastian. :O) By now, my muse has quite overcome me: last night it woke me up and forced me to type another scene in my Alpha Smart. While I sat freezing in my bed. Have you ever tried to huddle beneath your duvet and keep your arms and shoulders warm while simultaneously typing? Haha!

All righty, the next paper beckons …

2 thoughts on “A Day for …. Marking Papers *sigh*

  1. Julie! ^_^

    Well, not typing, but reading! *lol*
    Although there has been this really cold evening where I wanted to watch DVD and had the problem to get my hands warm under the sheets and at the same time to choose which movie I wanted to see. *lol*
    *sending you some gloves*

    Ah, by the way: My history and german-teacher always warned us to study german and become a teacher. He always smiled and told us to get a job where we wouldn’t have to read so many “damn essays and stuff”. *lol*
    Maybe you should have heeded this advice. *hug*

  2. Dorie

    I wouldn’t know about typing in bed and trying to keep warm but I know about reading in bed and trying to keep warm. My hands usually freeze. Even if it doesn’t get too cold in Southern California. I’m sure Germany is much colder. ^_^ Hey, I’m a wimp if you haven’t noticed. 😀

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