A Day Filled with Books and Good Reviews

Carrie has just sent me a link to a link to a new blogger review of The Lily Brand. A new 4 1/2 stars blogger review of The Lily Brand!!! Wheee!

The story is intense and dark, as Troy struggles with his hate and anger, and Lillian with her guilt and fear. Their characterizations are very believable, particularly in how they remember what happened and in how they react and show (or don’t show) their emotions.

Now, that’s what a girl wants to hear. You bet I’ll run around with a beaming smile on my face for the rest of the day. 🙂
And as if a nice review weren’t enough to brighten anybody’s day, I also got three (THREE!!!) packages with books today, including a big, fat parcel from play.com with David Dimbleby’s How We Built Britain. I got the DVD of the series of the same title a few weeks ago and loved, loved, loved it (favourite scene: Dimbleby trying to squeeze through a particularily narrow entrance to a priest hole in Harvington Hall).

5 thoughts on “A Day Filled with Books and Good Reviews

  1. Darla

    Well, darn. Now I feel even worse that I’m so far behind in reviews that I didn’t write more. I thoroughly enjoyed The Lily Brand, and I’ve got Castle of the Wolf on my to-buy list. Thanks for such an emotionally satisfying read!

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Nicholas, thanks for visiting. 🙂 Of course, you can always buy the book, which is full of additional information and really lovely, too. (Even if you don’t get to see David Dimbleby getting stuck on his way into the priest hole.)

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