5-O’Clock-Tea Interim Report

Finished the proofreading. Last scene still remains to be written. To sum up so far:

Prologue-Chapter 4: really love these!
Chapters 5-9 : not too bad either
Chapters 10-12 : uh-oh
Chapters 13-14 : waaaargh! *head-desk*
Chapter 15 : not too bad
Chapter 16 : waaaargh! *head-desk*
Chapter 17-18 : not too bad, again
Chapter 19 : something between uh-oh and *head-desk*
Chapter 20-21 : uh-oh
Epilogue : fine

In short, the first half of the book is fine, the second half mostly crap. Wonderful. Furthermore, I’ve remembered that I originally wanted to have some tension between my hero and his older brother. I totally forgot about that. Duh. I’m not quite sure whether there’s enough time to put it in.

I’ve also stumbled across a word I don’t know: these long sticks of rolled-up paper they put next to the fireplaces to light fires and cheroots? What the heck are these things called? Anybody?

2 thoughts on “5-O’Clock-Tea Interim Report

  1. Sandra Schwab

    Carrie!!!!! You’re the best! Yes, I guess that’s what I’m talking about! What a funny word, I’ve never heard of it before in that context, but only as part of the magical words: Abrakadabra hokuspokus fidibus. 🙂

    Thank you so, so much!

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