3 Reasons Why It’s Nice to Have a Cold

(well, bear with me: I’m trying to cheer myself up here!)

No 3: Your Mum cleans the litter tray for you (very important: you all know how much I hate cleaning the litter trays!)

No 2: You get to sit … er … recline on the couch and watch funny films without feeling bad about not working (as to my lesson tomorrow — what do you think about Beowulf re-enactments? Hm?)

And the No 1 reason why it’s nice to have a cold: You can stuff yourself with these extremely yummy chocolate-covered oat cookies and for once don’t worry about getting fat! Yay!

(We won’t mention painful coughs — the kind during which your eyes pop out –, painful throats or painful heads, oh no. That’s called “Always look at the bright side of life!”)

Gotta go and snatch another cookie….