3 Facts about the Brandnew Novel

  1. Charlie not only wears spectacles, but she is also very tall.
  2. This is considered a sad affliction by her aunt.
  3. Charlie considers footmen far more distressing:
“I am too tall.” She frowned, pausing for a moment. “Or perhaps the gentlemen are simply too short, whatever it is. I could live with that, I assure you, but the footmen!” She sighed, shaking her head.
“The footmen?” Mrs XY [poor woman, she doesn’t have a name yet] echoed, her brows raised.
“Yes. In London one cannot go out on one’s own, but is obliged to take one of them. Truly, for the life of me I cannot see what for, as they are not even armed.”
“Armed?” Mrs XY’s brows climbed even higher.
Charlie eyed her speculatively. Perhaps, having been out of the country for so long, Mrs. XY didn’t yet know the extent of the moral depravity to be found in England.

 Confidently, Charlie leaned towards her. “On account of the highwaymen.”