1000th Post: Yes, I Can!

Sew, that is. 🙂

So last week I got my lovely, new sewing machine. Hitherto I didn’t have a very good relationship with sewing machines (this was probably due to the fact that I had absolutely no clue what things like “thread tension” meant …), consequently I approached my shiny new Carina with considerable wariness.

What if I couldn’t work with it?

What if it wasn’t a good machine after all?

What if …

(As you can see, I suffered from acute buyer’s remorse.)

I unpacked it, stared at it, felt intimidated, decided I would have to study the owner’s manual, watch the DVD that came with the sewing machine, and then study my sewing books. And after that, the owner’s manual again. That was about eight in the evening.

About two hours later, I had finally worked up enough courage to switch on the sewing machine.

After that, it took me one hour to figure out how to bring up the bobbin thread. *head desk*

And after that, I could finally practice sewing. 🙂

A few days later I put together my very first project. I took a few stripes from the Glace jelly roll:

Sewed them together, then sewed together four more stripes of backing fabric, made a mini quilt sandwich (front, back, batting), sewed it together, turned it inside out and — deep breath — quilted it. With my sewing machine. And it totally worked!

Then I folded one side up, closed the side seams by hand (cleverly using invisible thread!), and ended up with this little pouch:

Then I realised that I had forgotten the button and the button loop. *head desk* As my little bag looked a bit naked without button and button loop, I added a little ribbon and tied it into a bow. Like this:

This is what the inside looks like:

So I guess this proves that I can indeed sew. Even with a sewing machine! 🙂

4 thoughts on “1000th Post: Yes, I Can!

  1. Laura Vivanco

    Impressive! I would never be able to do that. My excuse is that I’m a medievalist at heart, so I’m allowed to behave as though sewing machines might be possessed by the devil and about to sew through my fingers.

    The Luddites are not in my period, so I can’t use them as an excuse 😉

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I’m glad you like my little quilted bag. 🙂

    The success with my first project was very encouraging in regard to future quilting projects. I’ve also bought some books about how to see skirts and things. Just wait and see: by this time next year I’ll be running around in homemade couture. Next stop: knitting jumpers.

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